Should a Lawyer Hire a Virtual Assistant First?


Should a Lawyer Hire a Virtual Assistant First?

Retaining a virtual assistant is just one of the many ways that a lawyer can get access to more of their time and pull things off of their plate. However, it can be especially challenging for an attorney who is currently in the position of struggling to adapt to remote or a virtual firm and also has to think about offloading things from their plate. Far too many attorneys these days are burned out. Lawyers often work stressful and long hours which means that demands of their job are extremely intense.

Recognizing and preventing lawyer burnout is critical. The term burn out has had far reaching impacts across many different types of employment categories, but lawyers are especially prone to it. The core symptoms of developing burn out includes cynicism about life, a sense of inefficacy, fatigue, and lack of attention. Many people have a difficult time recognizing burn out because it seems to come up so suddenly. One of the easiest ways to prevent burn out is to have an experienced relationship with a dedicated virtual assistant and other remote staff members who can help you run your law firm more effectively.

The support of a virtual assistant means that you do not have to focus on unnecessary administrative or basic tasks so that you can direct the remainder of your recently obtained time into growing the business and serving existing clients, which is the area of your primary expertise. If you are not sure where to start, consider keeping a list of all the tasks that you complete over the course of a week.

This might reveal that you are spending time on tasks that do not drive the business forward, such as posting images or blogs on social media, answering client emails or adding meetings to your calendar. Many of these tasks could be easily and effectively outsourced to a competent virtual assistant, giving you the opportunity to get more of your time back and to reduce the possibility of burn out.

Lawyers always tend to put in many more hours under the pressure of wanting to keep their business afloat especially during trying or crisis related times. However, you must be especially mindful of the possibility of diving into burnout when you are attempting to wear the hats of every different department in your business. Having someone else to help you and using a virtual team member makes it that much easier to get the most out of your budget and to have peace of mind that these tasks are being accomplished professionally.

A broad range of legal assistants and virtual legal assistants today who can take on these tasks because of their background in working in the law and can easily and quickly navigate helping you accomplish your individual needs.

Laura Pennington

Laura Pennington is the CMO of Freelance For Law. She's worked in the legal industry for over a decade as a researcher, writer, and marketer.