How to Write a Job Description for A Virtual Paralegal or Virtual Legal Assistant


How to Write a Job Description for A Virtual Paralegal or Virtual Legal Assistant

Are you thinking about hiring a virtual legal assistant because you recognize that you can’t do everything on your own and you need to outsource to get additional support? This is a common challenge that plenty of attorneys face and hiring someone in-house certainly isn’t the easiest thing to do right now or at any point in time.

Leveraging virtual help falls down to your ability to describe the job accurately, to screen the right people and to set up existing guidelines and instructions to make the most out of every interaction. In order to succeed with this, you'll need to have the help of a website that can connect you to qualified virtual paralegals and virtual legal assistants. In this article, you will learn more about writing a job description and why it's so important not to skip over this process and throw up a couple of sentences.

Clarify the Exact Title of The Job

If this person will be working with you in a short term or long-term capacity, it's a good idea to list this in the title of the job. You'll also want to use phrases that accurately describe the kind of work the person will be doing. If you are actually looking for more of a marketing specialist, for example, don’t list that you are hoping to hire an administrative assistant or a virtual legal paralegal.

Make sure that you consider which types of tasks will be distributed to this person and in what percentage of their ongoing role this will show up. If they will be spending 80% of their time doing marketing work, for example, you are definitely going to want to leave the job description headline with that.

Clarify Non-Negotiables

If this person needs to be trained in specific types of software or must have a certain number of years of experience or certification, you need to list this in the job description itself. It will weed out people who are highly unqualified or who don’t follow instructions clearly.

Hours Expected

Most people want to know exactly how many hours will be required of them in the short term or the long term. You want to ensure that the people who apply to your virtual legal assistant or virtual paralegal position do have the bandwidth to currently take on the opportunity. So, clarify if you expect them to be available at certain times or the amount of hourly work you anticipate them needing to do. If they need to primarily be available in the mornings, you need to list that as well.

Explain Your Communication Preferences

Working with someone virtually can be extremely successful, but only when you have existing systems in place. Clarify, how they'll be able to communicate with you and turn in assignments. Will they be done on a project management board? Will they need to check in daily over Slack or a Zoom video conference call? Will you need to email them documents and instructions or will you store everything on Google drive? All of these important questions should be answered as early as possible in the process so that you can maximize the opportunity of hiring the right person and being able to jump into the deep end of working with them right away.

Laura Pennington

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