What Steps Should You Take to Hire the Right Legal Secretary?


What Steps Should You Take to Hire the Right Legal Secretary?

One of the first things you should do when thinking about hiring a legal secretary is to get very clear on what you hope this person would do. Maximize your resources by reaching out to your personal network. Some good online places to connect with people who might be able to refer you to your legal secretary include legal networking groups, bar association meetings, and of course, word of mouth. However, many of these marketing methods have become relatively ineffective in recent years because of the large number of legal secretaries who work online and provide their services in this capacity.

This is why you want to start by conducting online research and consider posting your legal secretary job posting on a website like Freelance for Law. You'll be instantly connected to a broad range of different legal secretaries who can help you based on their individual backgrounds and your interest in your practice area. This also expands your search far beyond your immediate geographic area and means you are connected to the most talented legal secretaries remotely. Conducting this online research will help you identify the right type of salaries or hourly rates for certain support staff positions including a virtual legal assistant or your legal secretary.

Another good resource to check out so that you can get a good guideline of what you can expect to pay is www.bls.gov. The career development offices at legal secretary schools, other law office administrators, and employment agencies specialize in legal staffing can also give you some insight. You can take a look at various profiles of legal secretaries listed on freelance for law to get a good idea of how their individual experience and personal preferences impact their rates. The next step should be to consider posting your job.

Posting your job gives you the opportunity to review applications from interested parties immediately. You can post specifications about certain hours available, time zone preferences, and whether or not they have certain experience in their unique background. Once you have reviewed all of the applications that come in through your job posting, it's time to interview candidates. For someone working as a legal secretary it is essential that they pass interview phase of your process.

The interview phase will tell you a lot about how they communicate and will also show you about other aspects, such as whether or not they show up on time for the interview or have done any research about your law firm before you talk. After interviewing candidates your work isn’t over. You'll need to verify and authenticate the candidates' references, certificates, degrees, and prior work history. Unfortunately, legal secretaries work in highly competitive work environments means that some people sometimes embellish.

This is one of the leading benefits to using a site, such as Freelance for Law because Freelance for Law will review the information from these applicants and only allow people who are qualified to post on their site. Furthermore, you will be able to see the feedback they have received from other clients on the site, giving you peace of mind about who you are hiring.

Laura Pennington

Laura Pennington is the CMO of Freelance For Law. She's worked in the legal industry for over a decade as a researcher, writer, and marketer.